Life is a wonderful journey of awareness and learning, awakening to the joys of this beautiful planet and the amazing people and creatures that exist here. Consciousness is the true power that we possess. Choice is the true power we possess. Becoming aware of ourselves and our emotions is our one true mission. Choice belongs to us. ‘YOU’, ‘WE’ are the most powerful force in the world, more powerful than any Government, Social System or Religion.

Turn off your TV’s, stop listening to commercial radio and stop reading the news papers. The media is poisoning you and telling you what is right from wrong. It is ‘YOU’ and ‘YOU’ alone that have the right to assess that, not the Medias right to tell you. Don’t raise your children in front of these powerful learning devices. The Media is purely designed to distract us from our true potential. Humans learn from what they see and hear.

Governments are run by money, the Federal Reserve, not by the people who vote. Too many Bills and Laws have been past without the publics consent for there to be a true democracy. Currency will become so expensive one day, that no one will be able to afford to have it. Limit your borrowing of currency so that no one has power of you. Limit consuming.

Believe in your ability to be a genuine, honest and caring human being. Be respectful and sincere to our brothers. Do favors for each other. We are all one race, the Human Race, one family bonded by respect and love for one another. It’s not Rocket science, it’s easy. Love is all that I’m living for.